Meet our artisans and individuals who handcrafted Nari Boutique's products 

Meet Ambika Dahal from Hetauda Nepal. She is shown in the center with a maroon scarf pictured in front of her store.
Ambika was one of the Women Protection Center (WPC) clients. She went through six months of vocational training where she excelled in all aspects of learning. In the short amount of time, Ambika's skills shown through her ability to learn sewing, stitching, cutting and all of the skills required to make beautiful clothing as well as a variety of other products. She became very confident and wanted to open her own tailor shop. WPC assisted and provided all of the resources she needed to run her business. It only took three months for her to business to develop and become successful. Since then, she has been able to provide for her children's education, ensure their basic needs are met, and prevent her and her family from being at risk of human trafficking by no longer needing to look for jobs overseas. Ambika has been able to change her and her family's life through her business that WPC helped her build from the ground up.

  Sujata Sunwar shop
This is Sujata Sunar from Hetauda Nepal. Her father works as a construction worker and was not able to provide enough for his family despite his hard work. Unfortunately, Sujata had to drop out of high school due to her family economic condition. Her only choice was to leave her country in search of employment in gulf counties.
Every year thousands of Nepali women and girls have become victims of human trafficking while searching for better opportunities in other countries. 
Through her employment search, she learned about WPC's vocational training opportunity. She took a chance applied even though she was told it's a very competitive process. Soon after applying she received a call from WPC for an interview where she was then selected for the six-month training. Sujata was very dedicated and determined to succeed and improve her employment opportunities. She received a general sewing machine and an interlock machine from WPC Nepal to allow her to start practising the techniques she learned in training. After the training, she was able to open her own shop in her village. 
Sujata works very hard and she has expanded her business. She successfully runs her tailor shop, and she added a clothing line as well as cosmetic products to sell in her shop. Not only does she run her own business, but she also trains other women in her village to make additional income. After being successful in her business she was able to continue her education and she is now going to college. Now she is able to make a good income in order to support herself and her family. 
In her community, she is providing training to other women to be self-sustained. Her family and village are very proud of her and say she is a son in the family and village. Even though she is a woman, in Nepali culture, working and providing for the entire family is the responsibility of a son or man. Sujata is greatly respected throughout her family and village for all of her hard work and success. When one woman is empowered her family and whole community benefit.

  Meet Archi Shrestha
She grew up in WPC Safe home where she learned to design jewellery and other items for the Nari Boutique.

Ranjita Shrestha works hard to make silk scarves and run her small shop in Kathamndu Nepal


 Meet Purna and her group:

 Ram Maya  

 Making scarves